Learn The Basics About Runes In Summoners War

In the world of Role Play Games (RPG), one of the most popular titles is Summoners War.

It allows you to create teams of monsters for combat. This game was developed by a South Korean company which is known as Com2uS. Since its launch in 2014, the game has garnered 80 million downloads. It has also accumulated 1.3 billion dollars in revenue.

Within this game, you play the role of a Summoner and your responsibility is to create monsters by casting spells in a magical scroll. Your monsters can further be empowered using summoners war runes. Here is more about them.

Here is how to get some Runes in Summoners War:

You can get runes for your monsters in two main ways. One of these is by farming them in a section of this game which is known as Cairos Dungeon.

You can also get the runes by purchasing them using an in-game currency which is known as mana. As you seek your runes, it is always a great idea to know exactly which runes you are looking for.
Runes in Summoners War are ranked according to stars. They range from 1 star to 6 star runes. The most beneficial runes to acquire are the 3 and 4 star runes. If you decide to farm these runes, the 4 star variety is a little more difficult to get.

It also offers only 1% increase in power over the 3 star rune. Therefore, if you choose to farm, go for the 3 star runes.

They will save your time and mana as well. The 5 and 6 star runes are farmed in a section of Cairos Dungeon that is known as the Giants Keep. These stars deliver the highest levels of power increment in the game.
If you want your monsters to perform Attacks, the 1 star rune is the way to go. The 2, 3 and 4 star runes only increase your power level but do not provide any special capabilities.

By implementing the 5 and 6 star runes, you’re able to enhance your monsters with Higher Power special abilities.
More about the runes
Runes are essentially power sources for your monsters in the game. Each monster can contain up to 6 runes.

Seeing as the summoners war runes range in grade from 1 to 6 stars, the main objective is to equip your monsters with the most powerful runes.

The higher the grade of your runes, the more strength your monster possesses.
In Summoners War, runes are organized into sets. Some examples of these sets include Fatal, Violent, Energy, Guard, Swift, Focus and Despair.

Other types of sets in the game include Will, Shield, Rage, Endure, Destroy and Vampire. Each type of set has a particular number of runes.
To add dynamism to the game, runes are also organized according to rarity. There are 5 unique rarities of runes in the game.

They are Common, Legendary, Hero and Rare. It is advisable to make strategic combinations of set and rarity as you purchase or farm runes.
The Summoners War is a highly rated RPG game. It ushers you into a magical world of runes, monsters and mana.

By choosing and acquiring the right types of summoners war runes, you can achieve success in the game’s battles and campaigns!